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sneaky snacks

August 11, 2008

i really need to stop mindless eating! here is a reenactment of me picking up a piece of pound cake…

to keep my mind off of cake, i had a carrot and some cherries afterwards. later, i shared the last of the baguette and some cheese with tommy before we went to the laundromat. i got a lot of laundry done- including sheets, comforters, and even the covers for the couch cushions. i love using the jumbo washers!

we had the snack earlier because i knew dinner would be later than usual..but i was getting pretty hungry while waiting for the dryer. thank goodness dinner was quick and easy! a romaine salad with carrots, strawberries, and grilled chicken breast. i love these serving sized packets of dressing…this one is light ranch, and 60 calories for one ounce.

i really like cooking chicken breasts on the george. the outside gets nice and crispy, and if i pound the chicken before hand…it turns out a little dry…which is weird but good. whenever i talk to my mom, she asks me what i ate for dinner (is that a korean mom thing?) but before i can answer, she says, did you eat chicken salad again? last summer, i lived in a tiny tiny studio with a pathetic kitchen so i pretty much did eat this everyday.

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