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busy bee

August 12, 2008

i have a long list of things to do today before i go pick up my friend at the airport. she is staying with me for a couple weeks and i’m super excited! but first, i need to finish cleaning and getting some errands out of the way…i also need to go to walmart and grocery shopping. my fridge is looking mighty pathetic!

on to the food! i woke up wanting something sweet…but my raisin bread smelled funny 😦 so i had a honey wheat english muffin with jelly and some cherries.

lunch was a middle eastern sampler purchased from whole foods…i love this meal. it’s really affordable, and so good. i plated half of the serving with a small piece of grilled chicken.

yum! i feel full, but not weighed down, so i can get some serious cleaning done! this did make me really crave zankou’s chicken. zankou’s is a fast food lebanese chain with the most delicious spit roasted chicken that is served with hummus, pita, pickled veggies, and crazy delicious garlic sauce. it’s definitely on my short list of places to eat when i’m in cali.

okay, no more procrastinating. i’m off to scrub the tub. fun stuff :D!

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