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winner winner chicken dinner

August 12, 2008
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i bought some peanuts at walmart to tide me over till dinner. i was hoping to eat the rest of my middle eastern meal before i left for the airport but i ran out of time.

i probably ate a little more than 2 ounces. i took a pic, but it’s a pathetic cell phone one and not worth the effort to upload (i’m feeling lazy)

i also got and had some sparkling water. i always sneak sips of tommy’s sodas so this will give me my bubbly fix. luckily, we didn’t usually have soda or juice in my house when i was growing up…so i prefer water. but sometimes you just want a little fizz, ya know?

dinner was a repeat…grilled chicken salad, with falafel on the side. still didn’t get a chance to get a real grocery shop in 😦 i also had a piece of pound cake…guilt free…cus i had a very productive day!

aren’t the olympics so addicting? i’m staying up to watch michael phelp’s second race (he just won his record breaking gold on the 200 meter butterfly!) and then i’m off to bed…it’s been a long day!

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