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August 15, 2008

for breakfast, i had a glass of soy milk and an apple.

we had lunch at boloco. i’m addicted to the bangkok wrap! the bangkok wrap has thai style peanut sauce, asian slaw, cucumber and brown rice. i had mine with oven roasted organic tofu in a whole wheat tortilla. yum-my! sounds healthy, right? but i checked out the nutrition info from the website:

445.52 calories, 14.93 grams total fat, 65.72 carbs, 8.5 grams sugar

this is totally one of those things that i need to re-create at home to save calories, and money. i took a mini thai cooking course a few years ago and one of the best things i learned to make was thai peanut sauce. i could eat that over anything. so freakin’ good!

boloco also has the yummiest smoothies ever! i didn’t get one this time, but i usually have a hard time choosing between two:

soy smoothie: soymilk, strawberries, banana, and honey

or the jimmy carter: skim milk, banana, pb, and nonfat frozen yogurt.

i need to buy a blender already so i can make smoothies at home. gosh, i’m making myself hungry right now! for dinner i had steam fresh brussels sprouts, cottage cheese, and four slices of mini wheat toast. i love brussels sprouts…i never tried them until i saw them in the dining hall at college since i don’t think they exist in the korean diet. strangely enough, they remind me of baby cabbages, which koreans can’t eat enough of. maybe they can make kimchi out of them, that would be so cute!

i’m eating the rest of my midnight milky way bar right now. i have an exciting friday night ahead…look at this puzzle! each piece has an edge to it and it’s driving me crazy. i refuse to go to sleep until i finish the kitty’s body! wish me luck…

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