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saturday night

August 18, 2008

pizza for dinner! it’s essential to have pizza at least once a week, amirite?

pepperoni pizza sprinkled with crushed red pepper…AND i was surprised with onion rings. who am i to say no to rings? i had to have a few.

getting pizza delivered was a nice treat. it also left me with plenty of time to get dressed and primped for the night.  it’s only been a few months since i moved out to the good old ‘burbs but i really missed going out in the city!

we started the night off at excelsior…i think this bar is so damn sexy. they also have a gorgeous glass wine cellar/tower. i love it. excelsior has the best muddled and mixed drinks. they’re a bit pricey but so delish and pretty! i’m a sucker for a pretty drink. i wanted something light, so i got a divine strawberry…which i think was sparkling wine and strawberry juice. my friend got a watermelon cocktail that tasted like a jolly rancher. so good! summer cocktails are the best! next, we went to the good life in chinatown. i have the tolerance of a flea so i stuck to water for the most part. but i did have a kamikaze shot midway and stole some sips of my friend’s vodka tonic.

fun night! and of course there was 3AM leftover pizza. of course.

goodnight for now…see you in the morning!

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