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simple sunday

August 18, 2008

i rolled out of bed pretty late….two in the afternoon…i think i could have slept in much longer but i didn’t want my friend to think i was completely crazy considering i only had 2 drinks.

i had a honey wheat english muffin with honey and peanut butter, i always forget how good honey is on everything. i need to keep it next to the peanut butter because that was a good combo.

a few hours later, my friend and i went to fresh city. i had a hummus and veggie sandwich on multigrain bread. it was just okay. i don’t like soft bread, and they overloaded the onions…it was yet another i could make it better at home for less thing. i also had a few cinnamon and sugar pita chips.

we went to kohls where i bought skinny jeans and a casual top. it’s a heather grey t-shirt with satin sleeves….i think the outfit is so cute! i can’t wait to wear my new outfit! i also bought a swimsuit marked down to $15 at tj maxx. we only had one beach trip this summer, so i told tommy that we need to go again soon. for now though, i’m planning on sitting out at the pool today.

when we got back home, i sliced up some watermelon and had about three pieces.

we finally went grocery shopping! we had less than half an hour to shop, so it was pretty rushed, but i finally have new things to eat and plenty to last the week. yay! i was getting late, and i was tired and hungry, so i just had the rest of my hummus sandwich, pita chips and a plate of carrots and extra cracked red pepper hummus.

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