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boston restaurant week: smith & wollensky

August 19, 2008

i had a lunch reservation at smith & wollensky for boston’s restaurant week. they have a very traditional steakhouse menu and the restaurant week menu options don’t stray to far from that.

for my three courses, i ordered s&w’s famous split pea soup, filet steak sandwich w/ sweet potato wedges, and vanilla creme brulee. i ate a small piece off the amazing bread, all the soup, all the steak and half the roll it came in, half the sweet potato, half pickle, a third of the creme brulee, and a bite of chocolate cake. my god that sounded  obsessive but thought you’d want to know. 😀

the (grainy- it was dark) pics!

this soup was amazing. this has converted me to a split pea lover. my sandwich was good but the sweet potato fries were underdone. too bad, because i LOVE sweet potato anything. i had to post my outfit since a woman stopped me on the street to tell me how cute i looked…it made my day!

i was so incredibly full after lunch, that i had to walk over to the public gardens and beach my self like a baby beluga til i could move again! it was super nice outside and a perfect way to spend the day and on the way back to the train, i stopped at the farmers market in copley square and picked up a pretty bunch of sunflowers.

back home, i played tennis for a bit and now i’m back in bed watching a movie. i’m just now finally feeling hungry, but considering it’s almost midnight i’m just going to bed. goodnight!


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