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short and sweet

August 19, 2008

i’m keeping this short. it’s 2:30 AM and i’m getting sleepy!

i had shredded wheat with soy milk and a california nectarine. i like eating cereal in a shallow bowl cus it looks like you’re eating so much more. also, to note, the california nectarine was delicious because everything from california is awesome. oh! another note on breakfast- i grabbed the wrong cereal in my supermarket sweep rush. i like the medium or large shredded wheats that u have to break apart with your spoon. they’re way more fun to eat.

i had another shopping day with my friend. this time i shopped for my upcoming bbq. as i was about to leave, i realized i didn’t eat lunch and i probably should. i made myself a super duper quick pb&j sandwich on wheat bread and cut up a golden delicious apple and packed that to munch on between stores. this apple was so good- i’m glad i strayed from my usual apples (fuji, gala, or granny smith- i like em crisp)

dinner was originally going to be a cobb salad but while i was waiting for the eggs to boil, i decided i wanted a wrap instead. i ended up having egg, black beans, corn and cucumber in a joseph’s flax, oat, and wheat tortilla with a romaine and carrot salad with fat free thousand ranch dressing. i successfully cooked a medium-soft boiled egg which was kinda nice. the runny yolk was like a dressing for my wrap. yummy! i think you’ll be seeing a lot of wraps this week!

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