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breakfast burrito

August 20, 2008

my friend woke me up today to do a krump workout video (remember that episode of ANTM?). it wasn’t really much of a “workout” video as it was watching a guy show you a few krump moves and then telling you to press pause and do it five times….but he did warn us that he wasn’t no billy blanks 🙂

anyway…i think that may have burned a sweet potato wedge i had yesterday but i’ll take what i can get.

breakfast was a breakfast burrito with one scrambled egg, black beans, and a little bit of shredded cheese on my joseph’s oat, flax & wheat wrap/tortilla. i also drenched it in texas hot sauce. it was really good. i didn’t think a small burrito would make me full but eggs and beans are pretty filling. beans for breakfast…a little weird, i guess. reminds me of one of the bestest breakfasts i had on my road trip (from california to boston). we slept at the wig wam motel (teepees!) in holbrook, arizona and in the morning we went across the street to joe and aggie’s cafe and had an authentic tex-mex breakfast…huevos rancheros! yum! refried beans and eggs covered in green chile sauce before noon? yes please! plus the tortillas they came with were all sorts of homemade deliciousness. i’m going to stop before i get hungry again. here’s my burrito:

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