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i gave in

August 27, 2008

i told you i was feeling weak!

i had a strawberry frosted green tea cupcake, and it was delicious! i licked every last bit of frosting off the wrapper. it was sexy, i’m sure.

not to worry though…i did tae bo earlier. i really should write in chronological order. anyways, so i exercised, ate a cupcake and then obsessively cleaned my apartment until i got bored with it. i vacuumed the whole apartment and picked up clothes that have been sitting in corners for months. i felt accomplished- and hungry. i made myself another one of those frank sandwiches. this time i put extra red onion in it.

it was so good, i wanted another one right away. and another cupcake. but i decided to wait it out and snacked on some mangoes while working on my puzzle. (it’s getting there!)

after an hour, i was still in the mood for another sandwich…i ignored my hunger because i was smelly and needed to shower. after the shower though, i finally gave in, and fixed myself another one. it was even better than the first, and i was finally full and happy. the end.

actually, not really the end. i didn’t eat anything else yesterday. but i don’t know why i felt like such a fat ass for wanting two sandwiches. they’re made on small-ish rolls. so i ate the equivalent of two hot dog franks and two rolls. not even a big deal. seriously, i need to stop that. oh, and i didn’t take a picture of the second one, cus it looked just like the first one.

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