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it got better

August 27, 2008

dinner was deeelicious!

i cooked the top sirloins from omaha steaks and were they good! all the butter and garlic i used did not hurt either. i’m also really proud of myself for not overcooking them…plus i got a really good sear on them without setting off the smoke detector. go me!

after dinner i dragged my boyfriend to a local strip mall to show him all the pretty clothes i’ve been eying (yes, we lead an exciting life) and it was nice to walk around but it also worked up my appetite again. he agreed earlier to treat me to some ice cream at black cow and it was perfect as usual. black cow has the best ice cream ever! they always have special flavors which is both good and bad- it’s really hard to stick to a favorite…some winners so far have been chocolate pretzel (a serious pms cure), banana oreo, m&m…so yummy!

i was in the mood for soft serve, so i got a kiddie sized strawberry with rainbow sprinkles. i think i ordered from their healthy menu though cus it was definitely unsweetened strawberry. still good but “diet” versions of dessert always make me crave the real thing even more! which is why i’m really looking forward to eating ice cream at the beach tomorrow! yay!

we watched “bring it on–again” (i told you we were exciting) and all the chili dogs they eat got me hungry or something so i finished off the last of the green beans…probably the same amount i had with dinner.

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