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just beachy!

August 28, 2008

i was a little worried cus my weather widget said it would be overcast today, but it was actually a pretty nice beach day.

we woke up pretty late, and it took me forever to get ready so we left later than planned…but we went to hampton beach and there’s always plenty to do on the boardwalk. we played arcade games and walked around until the sun set..

i had breakfast in the car…i grabbed a soy yogurt and flattened banana. the banana had the consistency of fruit roll-up or those fruit leather things…and tasted like banana bread-not bad!

about an hour later, i had some carrot sticks and sugar snap peas with french onion dip. it took a lot of self restraint not to eat the dip with a spoon.

i worked on my (fading!) tan and read a little bit….then we took a lunch break to eat the sandwiches i packed. i had a BLT on a whole wheat bun with extra tomato and one piece of bacon.

the rest of the day was the usual unhealthy beach food. one of my favorite things…or maybe even my only favorite thing about hampton beach is the “fry doe” at blink’s. they have the best fried dough ever. i say that with confidence! there’s also a candy shop there that sells these yummy melt in your mouth mints. way better than taffy anyday.

anyway…so “dinner” was spaced out between four hours, and included fried dough with sugar, some mint candy, french fries split with tommy and half an apple on the drive home. i’m hungry for some real food as i type this but i’m also really tired. i think sleep is going to win tonight :

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