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life’s a beach

August 31, 2008

well…i really tried to wake up early today and get out the door but i’m always guilty of taking forever to get ready and i also had to stop by the bank and do other things i should have taken care of yesterday…

i was out the door by 10AM, had breakfast (blueberry muffin + plum + homemade iced coffee) in the car and made it to crane beach around 11:30 only to find out that they were full for the day. boo! that was a big disappointment and the “life’s a bitch” part of the day. i’ve been wanting to check out crane beach all summer. i may have consoled myself with a couple handfuls of cape cod potato chips. there’s something about the crunch crunch of kettle chip that always makes me feel better. 🙂

luckily we were already by the coast so how hard would it be to find another beach, right? back on the freeway, i decided to follow anyone with a boat, beach chair, or cooler in/on their car! we ended up at stage fort park in gloucester, which is a small park with a tiny beach. by this time traffic along the coast to the bigger beaches was starting to look like a bitch and the park had reasonable parking so we stayed.  stage fort park wasn’t what i had in mind for today’s beach day…but i’m glad we ended up there….we ended up having a great beach day!

we did the usual beach stuff: sunned, swam, walked, read, even played in the playground. for lunch, i had a pulled chicken sandwich with some veggies on whole wheat bread.

i made the chicken in the slow cooker the night before and it was super easy. it was very sticky & sweet and i just used what i had around in my kitchen, so you can definitely modify to suit your tastes. this was great for the beach since it had no mayo involved and i just kept the chicken in tupperware and scooped onto bread when ready to eat- no spoiling or soggy sandwiches.

easy bbq pulled chicken


chicken breasts (i used 5-6 tender sized pieces)
1/2 onion sliced thin
1/2 cup bbq sauce
1/2 cup ketchup
2 tbsp vinegar
1 tbsp mustard
hot sauce, salt & pepper

line bottom of slow cooker with onion, add chicken. add everything else. set slow cooker to low, and cook 6 hours. if you’re around…check on your chicken half way thru and pull apart with fork….if not, you can do this at the end. no biggie 🙂 this makes about 4 servings.

later in the day, i got treated to a huge scoop of cookies n’ cream at the “cupboard”–it was just perfect!

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