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happy labor day

September 1, 2008

i still haven’t gone grocery shopping (except for the muffins i bought on the way to the beach) but my meals haven’t started getting too interesting yet. mostly because i don’t even have enough to get creative with.

for breakfast i had a blueberry muffin. these roche brother’s muffins are small and airy which i don’t like but probably better calorie-wise.

lunch required a little rummaging through the cupboards. i tried out canned crab which wasn’t anything like what i thought it would be. i was imagining it to be lumps of crab meat…but it was like tiny shreds. oh well. i mixed it with some canned corn, sprinkled fresh pepper and paprika, and doused it with hot sauce. i scooped it up with mini wheat toasts. not too bad.

i had to go outside to do a work related errand and i stayed out and shopped around a bit. when i got back in i had the LAST cupcake! thank god these are gone! unfortunately though, i made a chocolate pudding pie two days ago…so you will be seeing that from now on.

i had a few big bites of this piece…i used 1/2 soy milk and 1/2 skim milk and so it didn’t set very well (i read the box after i already poured in the soy milk) but still super yummy.

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