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September 3, 2008

today was a weird day. so i’m just going to stick to the food…

i didn’t eat breakfast.

and then there was some rum involved and a lot of candy. tommy bought me the candy- it’s all his fault.

then i (no surprise here) started to feel sick. so i tried to comfort my tummy with some instant oatmeal. i had to add some chocolate though.

by 9PM the aforementioned factors plus others resulted in me feeling really crappy. i really wanted to lie down with my blankie. but i knew i wouldn’t feel better until i had some real food in me and all i wanted was spaghetti and pizza. both- not one or the other. we went to a local restaurant/bar and split a spaghetti with marinara sauce and a pepperoni, sausage, and ham pizza (i let tommy choose the pizza). they actually offered wheat pasta and dough…and any other day i would have opted for that…but this wasn’t one of those days.

i forgot my camera at home 😦 but i do have a picture of our new fishie! he’s my gift to tommy cus we met exactly one year ago today! (and he was a total nerd and told me about his pet fish named paris hilton- which actually turned out to be his office’s fish…i swear he even mentioned the fish on our first date).

his name is fry. (think futurama, not the cooking method…i think)

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