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taco night!

September 5, 2008

actually, it was burrito night.

i just googled taco vs. burrito to find out the difference between the two. from what i skimmed…tacos are folded in half and burritos are rolled up…and then there were some arguments regarding what goes inside and size and what not…

interesting right? okay maybe not…

well here’s dinner anyway…our all fixin’s all plattered up:

here’s my plate with some seasoned ground beef on a whole wheat tortilla (new goal: to find better tortillas- these have partially hydrogenated oils).

i also ate the rest of the beans, tomato and cilantro that was left on the fixin’s plate. i was pretty full after one burrito…but tommy had three! crazy boys! we also had corn…i felt like i was going to burst halfway through but it was just too good to stop…especially with fresh lime juice. yummy!

well i am really happy with my dinner tonight and also very full…it’s friday night but i have no plans which is fine with me! i’m going to clean up and pop in a dvd (seriously, the natick library rocks!). i have a feeling i’m going to be in the mood for something sweet later so i’m going to divide up the dried fruit into sandwich bags and maybe sneak some into my mouth as well 🙂

happy weekend!

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