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sweet cravings

September 7, 2008

it was so HOT today…where was this heat when the pool was still open?

i lounged around the apartment for the most part- thank god for central air. i really need an oil change. i’m about a gazillion miles past and it’s just one of those things i hate doing. i’m always afraid i’m going to get ripped off cus i know nothing about cars. anyway. my solution to this has been not to drive anywhere. great idea, right? i thought so!

i’ve been craving sweets all day…and i think i did a pretty commendable job in not overindulging. *pat on the back* i planned early on to get ice cream at night so i tried to keep the snacking in check.

i had a peach shortly after lunch. this one was juicy but flavorless which should be expected since it’s september:( but i’m not ready to give up peaches yet!

i snacked on some peanut butter while making dinner. this pic makes me happy. well peanut butter and hello kitty make me happy to be more specific.

for dinner i had grilled chicken salads with a whole wheat tortilla and some hummus. i like hummus just as much as i like peanut butter. life would not be the same without these two foods 🙂

i ended up making a salad wrap. i picked at the remaining chicken and veggies but didn’t finish the plate. i think the heat killed my appetite for real food.

ice cream on the other hand is a totally different story. we braved the elements and went to black cow for their delicious ice cream. i’ve noticed that a couple people have found my blog by searching for “crazy jaynes, natick”….i’ve only had their froyo once and it was good…but if you really want good ice cream…go to black cow (also in natick). they have the best most unique flavors ever and the ice cream is just sooo creamy and good. their frozen yogurt also has way less calories.  i promise you won’t be disappointed! maybe we’ll even run into each other 🙂

tonight, i got a kiddie sized m&m which is basically whole m&m’s mixed into vanilla ice cream. this flavor never looks pretty because all the candy coating kinda melts and mixes together but it’s really yummy. plus, i’m a sucker for anything with m&m’s in it! and this kiddie size had what had to be half a bag of them in it!

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