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kids cuisine!

September 7, 2008

i woke up hungry! i had some yogurt with granola cereal on top. this was a fruit on the bottom yogurt…but i didn’t mix it up and left most of the fruit untouched.

i used these cute tv trays i bought at wal-mart to make an american bento style lunch. on my tray i had a tuna salad wrap, veggie sticks, black beans, some leftover chicken salad with ff thousand island, and half an apple. it was so fun to eat off the tray and surprisingly filling.

here’s tommy’s lunch too cus it’s cute 🙂 and beats a kids cuisine any day! i used to love those things in college 😛

i have a few movies that are due back tomorrow…so i’ve been having a little marathon this weekend. i’m having a hard time sitting still though so i’ve been pausing and cleaning up, browsing LOLdogs, and other important things….

i had a little snack of dried mangoes and pineapple earlier while watching “chunhyang,” a korean film set in the 18th century…

tommy is in charge of dinner again, so stay tuned to see how he does.

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