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brie & pear

September 8, 2008
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i am a genius…seriously. that cafe made me want a panini, and i was going to go for pb + banana…but when i saw the pear next to the banana…a big light went off it my head…

i made a pear and brie quesadilla/panini pressed on the george sprinkled with some salt and nutmeg. it was the BEST thing i’ve eaten in a while. i am so proud of myself. please go make yourself one now.

the only catch is that my brie was a little old. uh…so don’t use old brie. cus i’m psyching myself out about eating old cheese and am now convinced i’m gonna die soon. uh…yeah, so go make one now with not old brie!

okay, i’m going to go focus on staying alive now…

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