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stayin’ alive

September 8, 2008

wow i may have just suffered a major panic attack cus my laptop was acting out. *deep breath* and moving on…

i’m still convinced i’m dying from lunch so i kept dinner light. i kinda wanted another wrap but decided to give those trans fat ridden tortillas a rest. instead, i had a nice chopped salad with apple, grilled chicken, and cucumber.

doesn’t that look pretty? this is one chicken tender sized breast grilled on george, half a small apple, and some cucumber chopped into small cubes. then because i deserve to be fat, i added half a tbsp of full fat mayo. mmm…mayo. how do you girls do without it? miracle whip is just not the same 😦

i did manage to check a few things off of my list. i had to return my dvds…which means i have a whole new stack to watch now. i am horrible at small talk, so i’m always awkwardly nodding when the librarian comments on the dvds as she scans them. for example:

librarian: “oh good choice! paula dean makes me laugh”

me: “haha yeah” *nod*

but i learned that’s way more awkward when there’s silence as she scans. as in the silence when she scanned glitter. actually, that sentence is what’s really awkward.

after the library, i stopped by roche brother’s to get water and ended up grabbing a few more things. i’m really excited to try the yoga bread.

the pumpkin is for fry- my fishie. i’m pretty sure he likes it though he may have preferred some gravel for his bowl. oh well, next time buddy. and sorry for  blinding you with the flash. (my fish totally reads my blog- what? yours doesn’t?)

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