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i heart polenta

September 13, 2008

my hunch was right!

we went to papa razzi for dinner and i went in with a game plan! i wanted to order somewhat healthy and not eat to the point where i felt like i had to be rolled out.

i ordered the seafood special of the day which was haddock with green beans and polenta. dinner took a while to be served so we munched on their skinny breadsticks and foccacia bread.

i didn’t know the haddock would be battered so that was a little disappointing…but it was served with a yummy fruit salsa which really made it a lot better. the polenta however, made the meal- it was SO good! really soft and melt in your mouth perfection…it must have had scallion in it because it reminded me of korean scallion pancakes.

i have a canister of corn meal in the cupboard so i’m totally inspired to make my own. if it comes out half as good, i’ll be very happy.

it was a very nice date night and i appreciated getting a break from the kitchen. i better be a good girlfriend and put some thought into dinner tomorrow. 🙂

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