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natick days

September 13, 2008

i did the cardio burn dvd again last night, and had a banana before going to bed. we went grocery shopping so i have fruits and veggies to snack on again.

i was going to make a plain vanilla carnation instant breakfast…but when i saw the recipe on the packet, i absolutely had to try it. i love the earthy flavor of chai…it really should be used in more things.

Hot Vanilla Chai

1 packet vanilla flavor CIB
1 cup heated milk
1 chai tea bag

Place CIB in large mug, stir in milk. Add tea bag; let sit for 1 to 2 minutes.

sooo good! i don’t have a blender so i can’t make smoothies…but now i know that i can make hot drinks which is perfect since the weather is starting to cool down.

we attended “natick days” for “food, fun, and entertainment.” it was really cute…they had moonwalks and games for the kids and lots of stands set up by local groups…the kids jumping on the trampoline were too cute. and my own personal big kid was really excited to go inside the fire station.

a healthier me would have eaten before hand or packed a snack…but i was really hoping for a grilled hamburger 🙂 unfortunately most of the vendors had run out of food by the time we got there so i had a slice of pizza instead…which really wasn’t unfortunate at all. on our way home we stopped by bakery on the common (which i’ve been wanting to try forever). tommy and i split an amazing buttery soft m&m cookie. now i can’t wait to go back there!

last night, i was browsing through thisismetrowest, and i now have a long list of shops and restaurants that i want to try out. the strip malls and big box stores were exciting when i first moved here from the city. but it’s about time i try out the local businesses because i’m pretty sure good pizza and cupcakes exist in massachusetts outside of boston! a good bar on the other hand is going to take a little more convincing.

check out this cool “dress.” one of the shops in natick center had a window display with dresses made out of unconventional materials including saran wrap and dog tags…really cool!

tommy is taking me on a dinner date (surprise location) which i *think* i have figured out so i don’t want to spoil my appetite by snacking too much. i did have a small apple though because my lunch was nutritionally void.

edited to add: they had pie eating contests at natick days. it was divided up between age groups and tommy and i tried to call the winners. tommy would like me to tell everyone that he called all the winners (and he wasn’t necessarily picking the “bigger” contestants either). so good for him.

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