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sunday says

September 21, 2008

brunch: dunkin donuts egg white veggie flatbread sandwich. it was good, i decided i would love this if it didn’t cost $4. that’s a lot for them! i guess eating healthy isn’t always cheap.

the veggie sandwich is 290 calories, while the turkey sausage is 280. i think there’s cheese in the egg omelet itself, so the extra cheese wasn’t exactly necessary. but cheese does make everything better…for about a month, i was obsessed with getting an egg and cheese bagel everyday before work…if only they had these i probably would have spared myself a pound or two.

snack: whole grain goldfish grahams and an apple

dinner: individual whole wheat pizzas (mine: spinach, his: salami) with sauteed green beans and carrots. tommy insisted i take a picture of his dinner this time, and just to note, he also had mashed potatoes because a growing boy needs lots of food. we had these with a beer while watching the football game. i thought tommy wanted to do something testosterone-y since we had such a girly day yesterday, but it turns out we were just waiting for the simpson’s to start.

it’s almost october- i’m so ready to decorate for halloween. we started with a ghost candy bowl and i’ve been a sugar monster all day! you are free to assume that i will be eating a handful of this candy everyday til november (which is when this will be replaced with christmas m&m’s).

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