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mixin’ it up

September 24, 2008

breakfast: yoga bread + cream cheese and a banana

snack: i baked red velvet cupcakes (sprinkles mix from williams-sonoma), and had one w/o frosting, and one with the cream cheese frosting. these are sooo yummy! the last time i used a sprinkles mix the cake was super dense so this time i added an extra egg white and the cupcakes turned out pretty damn near perfect. my fingers were red from licking the batter so much πŸ˜›

lunch: vegetarian pad thai from whole foods. i didn’t think this tasted much like pad thai but it was still good…i wish it had more veggies than carrots though.

dinner: we went to our house in allston and i had a two drinks and a birthday cake shot. i also ordered a salad and cheese quesadilla from their dollar menu. both were really small…but surprisingly not that bad for cheap bar food! i had half the quesadilla and then dumped the salsa and guacamole into the salad instead of using the ranch dressing.

the bar was pretty empty so we were able to hog the wii for the whole night! i’m a pretty awesome wii bowler! πŸ™‚ i was pretty buzzed and had another cupcake before bed (oops).

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