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carb overload

September 25, 2008
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breakfast: granola cereal with sliced banana. i also finished animal, vegetable, miracle today. it was a really good read and inspired me to make more conscious choices when making/buying food. ironic that i should be eating a banana while reading it though…

i had major carb cravings today…probably because i knew there was a lot to snack on at home…i had some whole wheat baguette with melted cheese (x3 thoughout the day :P) and later some goldfish and an apple. i should have made myself a real (balanced) lunch instead of snacking…oh well.

dinner was so easy and super delicious. i had this tasty bite thai curry for dinner. i added broccoli and tofu to “beef” it up…it was super spicy  but i thought it needed more flavor so i squeezed half a lime into it…perfect and way cheaper than getting take out. i also had a piece of whole wheat naan with my meal.

dessert was a mushy (not even close to local) kiwi

lastly, check out my latest acquisitions from the natick library! dancing with the stars- cardio dance…yes, you have every right to be jealous.

oh! almost forgot…today’s cupcake count: ONE. i guess not so amazing when you consider all the bread i ate. i just saw the williams-sonoma has sprinkles PUMPKIN cupcake mix for the season. i will definately have to pick up a box…or two soon!

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