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the bronx zoo

September 29, 2008

i had to wake up at 4AM and for some reason- i was SO hungry. i had 2 fried eggs with fancy ketchup drizzle and some fried tomato wedges.

then we drove out to western mass and boarded a charter bus to new york. the bus stopped at a rest stop with a mcdonalds, coffee shop, etc. but i i just had the banana that i packed. i was too sleepy to even be tempted by the smell of hash brown and biscuit sandwiches.

when we finally got to the zoo, i munched on these nature’s promise organic honey graham bears and an apple while we walked around. it’s a good thing i packed some snacks because our little group didn’t sit down to eat lunch til almost 3PM! i’m usually okay with putting off hunger when necessary but the combination of being awake for so long, walking around in the gross weather (plus a little dash of pms) made me so GRUMPY.

when we finally sat down, i gobbled down my lunch in lightening speed. i packed myself some mini cucumber + neufchatel, and tomato + mayo sandwiches on two slices of yoga bread. plus some extra veggies with hummus. (aren’t the bento accessories cute?!)

around 7PM on our way home, i had another packed sandwich (veggies and cheese on one slice yoga bread). once we got back in our car, we stopped at mcdonalds because i was craving soft serve. actually i was craving an iceberg salad or ice cream…which makes me think i wanted something “refreshing” if that makes any sense. the mcdonalds only had the soft serve…no complaints!

i had a cheese quesadilla when i got home…that’s oozing cheezy buffalo sauce. deliciousness.

and now the bronx zoo pictures! my favorite were the tigers! rawr…we watched a training demo and saw this guy gobble down tons of meat and chicken. at the end, they gave him a blood popsicle (ew) and he was down on his tummy and licking the ground like a puppy…so cute!

this is the kitty touching his nose to the red marker, so they can inspect his tummy.

now onto the “wild asian adventure!” this is be being super excited to see “my” animals!

and now the rain forest!

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