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chocolate strawberry oatmeal

October 1, 2008

this idea came to me yesterday and i was looking forward to breakfast all night…

breakfast: instant oatmeal with a chocolate covered strawberry…YUM

snack: brownie (my baking project for today- will post pics and recipe tonight)

lunch: tom yum soup and a handful of potato chips

and here are my groceries from yesterday (not pictured frozen puff pastry sheets)

i learned that chicken sausage= expensive, but turkey sausage is much more affordable…my fingers are crossed that they will be a good replacement for the italian sausage that i’m addicted to.

i’ve been doing a good enough job cutting costs…but i know if i plan ahead, i’ll be able to stretch my dollar even further. i should have thought of this before i went to the market…but i made do with what i have. this is what i have planned for dinner for the next seven days. let’s hope i stick to it- if i can get thirty dollars (including the extra veggies) plus some pantry staples to last me and the bf for a full week- i will be pretty proud of myself.

  • wednesday: we are getting treated to dinner! YAY
  • thursday: puff pastry empanadas w/ leftover roast chicken (w/ mashed potatoes for tommy and jalepenos for me)
  • friday (solo dinner): azuki beans + rice
  • saturday: ww spaghetti w/ turkey sausage meatballs
  • sunday: beef tacos (mini grocery shop: stock up on fresh veggies)
  • monday: burgers (chickpea burgers for me)
  • tuesday: puff pastry empanadas or tostadas w/ leftover taco meat
  • wednesday: turkey sausage + veggies w/ pasta

my other goal is to make extra and freeze. i usually end up with extra but forget to freeze and let it go to waste in the fridge 😦

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