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dinner @ john harvard’s

October 2, 2008

melinda treated us to dinner today at john harvard’s in framingham! i’ll tell you what i ate first, and post pics next.

i *think* my beer was called harvest spice? or maybe just harvest- either way, i was hoping they’d have a pumpkin beer but this was a good alternative. it was rimmed in brown sugar and tasted like pumpkin pie without the pumpkin- cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, etc.

i also started with two pieces of warm bread with olive oil. the second piece wasn’t necessary but it was sitting in the bread basket looking all lonely cus i think no one else wanted to grab the last piece of bread.

i ordered the garden burger which came topped with mozzarella, roasted peppers, and mushrooms. i’ve never ordered a veggie burger before and i’m not sure where i would have even tasted one but i was craving it because i keep seeing them on the food blogs i read! i always eye them at the market but the frozen ones that look any good aren’t cheap and i’m afraid that i won’t like it and i’d have three more to eat. you know? anyway, this one was yummy.

we got a chocolate crumble for dessert. i’m guessing on the name again. chocolate cobbler? i don’t know! anyways it was an ooey gooey hot brownie with ice cream and raspberry sauce. i ate the perimeter of this, plus the ice cream because i was trying to scoop up all the raspberry sauce. melinda, who was so concerned that i wouldn’t eat the dessert, barely helped out!

thanks melinda! i’m going to have to post my “brownie experiment” tomorrow because i am fighting food coma. tommy has succumbed and is zonked out in front of the tv.

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