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yummy friday

October 4, 2008

breakfast: mini wheat bagel w/ neufchatel, iced coffee w/ soy milk…

lunch: sandwich on ww naan (hummus, spinach, carrot, cucumber) with potato chips, and a “healthy” brownie

(i finally read the directions on the naan- sprinkle with water before baking- and what an improvement! i don’t know if this a new product but it’s a new favorite of mine- AND they sell it at market basket so i don’t even need to wait for my once in a blue mood whole foods trips)

evening snack (while watching hell’s kitchen): 2 chocolate covered strawberries + some pizza combo’s that tommy came home with (he must not want me to be a skanky cop for halloween).

dinner: i didn’t really eat a “real dinner” since my lunch and snacks were eaten late, and kept me full for a while. but i did make the rice and azuki as planned and had a few tastes as i was cooking it.

azuki + rice

directions: cook a combo of short grain white rice, brown rice, and multi grain in rice cooker (i mixed the three because i wanted the nutrients of the brown and multigrain but i also wanted it to be soft and sticky). next, combine the cooked rice, a can of azuki (red beans), and about half a cup of water into a pot and leave it covered on low heat until the water is absorbed.

i continued to add water until i got the consitency i wanted…(mine was extra sticky/mushy). i also added two big spoonfuls of canned pumpkin and a big pinch of salt just for a little extra flavor.


oh! i almost forgot…i went on a walk this afternoon to collect leaves for a fall flower arrangement, i think it turned out pretty so i took a picture!

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