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superfood saturday!

October 5, 2008

breakfast: instant oatmeal w/ chocolate covered strawberry, and chai tea with soy milk

lunch: same sandwich as yesterday with the addition of jalepenos and a homemade iced black+green tea. (i also had a mug of green tea as a “snack.” i guess i was in a tea mood- but the caffeine definitely added up and got to me!). i also had a bite of that taffy and put it down somewhere- so you know i’m going to end up sitting on it or something equally pleasant tomorrow.

dinner (as planned): ww angel hair with homemade tomato sauce and meatballs. i combined turkey sausage, minced garlic, an egg and chopped spinach to make the meatballs. for tommy’s version i added parmesean cheese and crushed croutons (in place of bread crumbs). the sausage was already very flavorful (and salty)…so the cheese and croutons were overkill. oops.

late night snack: a piece of french bread

it seems like i’m on a spinach kick lately! i’m trying to increase my fiber intake, AND i’m currently reading The SuperFoodsRx Diet and i want to get a superfood into every meal. also, this bag of spinach seems to be a neverending one which would be awesome if it could just stay fresh.

we went grocery shopping after dinner so i’m restocked on veggies and everything else! i’m probably going to make changes to the menu plan that i posted since i have more to work with…so i’ll post a new one on monday and maybe even include lunches. it’s not like i’m so busy and married with kids or anything, but i AM extremely lazy, so having a list has kept me motivated so far. i was slacking for a while and feeding my boyfriend fluffer nutters and hot dogs! when he caught a cold- i thought, this is what happens when i stop sneaking veggies into his food!

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