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i’m back…

October 10, 2008

hi there! no, i didn’t get sick of this blog yet. i just needed a break from the internet.

i’m just going to jump ahead to today!

(i stuck to the dinner plan anyway, so you know what i’ve been eating)

breakfast: strawberry chobani. so far, peach > strawberry, i’ve only seen chobani in stock at market basket (random) so i’ll probably have to wait a little bit to pick up more. i love market basket, but it’s more of a once a month thing…it’s just too crowded and jumble-y in there.

snack: golden delicious apple

dinner: pork chops (grilled on the george) with mixed veggies sauteed with evoo, garlic and crushed red pepper.

exercise: 30 min bollywood workout dvd, 30 min power yoga, 30 min elliptical

highlight of yesterday: tommy bought me a pumpkin donut from dunkin donuts! mmm….i think i see a pumpkin latte in the near future. i love pumpkins!

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