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getting old…

October 12, 2008

i’m turning 27 in about a week…and i am soooo not looking forward to it 😦 i’m not one of those people who are like…oh, it’s a birthday, no big deal. i like to remind everyone that it’s my birthday and look forward to celebrating! but this year…i just want it to go away! it’s just stupid stuff like…wow…i’m going to be 27, i really shouldn’t be wearing bows in my hair…or i should start sipping wine instead of doing tequila shots…that kinda thing, you know? like…i feel like i should be at a certain point at 27, and act a certain way. oh well.

in order to get my mind off that. i’ve been obsessing over my weight. it’s something i can control (if i really want to). my friend told me about, where you can track your calories and exercise and i am spending too much time on it. i used to do this on the self diet club website…i actually like the one better because it breaks down your food intake into the food groups and you can see if you need more protein or veggies or whatnot in your next meal.

anyway. we’ll see how long i keep this up. i’m sure i’ll get sick of it, or i’ll skip a day and feel too overwhelmed to catch up. but for now, it’s getting my mind off of being OLD! and that’s a good thing!

today’s breakfast: i was SOOO happy with my breakfast. super YUMMY, healthy, and filling. this is a thomas honey wheat double fiber english muffin w/ spinach, tomato and a poached egg. i LOVE runny egg yolks! i sprinkled this with a little salt and pepper and that was all the seasoning it needed. in the mug is chai with a splash of soy milk.

i snacked on half an apple before hitting the gym. i did 30 minutes on elliptical, and about 20 minutes on the weight machines. i only read half the magazine i picked up, so i HAVE to go back tomorrow to find out what lindsay is up to. is she really cutting herself? i thought she was happy! (i hid the magazine behind some boring ones…so hopefully it’ll still be there)

lunch: chicken fajitas! whole wheat tortilla w/ a little chicken, lots of yellow peppers and onions, lettuce, tomato and plain yogurt. i don’t like green bell peppers, but this yellow one was yummy!

i went searching for a halloween costume but had no luck…i did get into the holiday spirit by eating some candy though. i had a tootsie roll and two caramel squares.

i read that david arquette eats yogurt instead of carbs, and the two books i’m reading (french women… and superfoodsrx…) push yogurt so i listened and had a bowl for dinner. i had ff plain yogurt with shredded coconut, almond slivers, and a big dollop of canned pumpkin. i need to think of more things i can put coconut on because it’s so good…hmm…they would be nice toasted on top of sweet potatoes. i also ate the rest of my apple in case you couldn’t tell what that was. 😛

i did the bollywood dvd after dinner. so fun!

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