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catching up…

October 17, 2008

gotta hurry before i lose motivation to work out! i finally bought a dress…and it’s very…fitting! so. must. keep. up. the. exercise. even though i really really just want to stuff my face with cupcakes ALL day long.

wednesday! i’ve been pretty bad with taking pics…but i’ll post what i have…

lunch: leftovers! black bean, mango salsa/salad and baked plantains

and snacks:


lunch: carrot sticks and tuna salad w/ dill pickles

i baked cupcakes! box mix plus some *secret ingredients* i had one and also waaay too much batter and frosting.

dinner: i finally followed my meal plan and we made hawaiian pizzas with bacon and pineapple with homemade pizza sauce on store bought whole wheat dough. this came out SUPER yummy. i think the best pizza we’ve made yet!

i also made this gingerbread haunted house from a cheap kit. this took me all day and it looks like a third grader made it! i was constantly eating frosting today and my stomach is totally feeling it now 😦 cute though, right? tommy and i ate all the candy corn the kit came with and then the THREE bags we bought of autumn mix to replace it…so no cute candy corn on my haunted house. but lots in my tummy 🙂

i’m so excited for halloween!!!

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