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tgif & potato skins!

October 18, 2008

i went to get my hair colored this morning, so i grabbed some car friendly food before i ran out the door. i ate the banana in the car and kept the cookie in my purse in case my stomach made embarrassing growling noises while at the salon…

i didn’t get the color i wanted (ashlee simpson red) and i really wanted a change so there was some snip snip action too. i guess i’m happy with it. i have to wait til tomorrow to make a real judgment cus no matter where i go…my blow outs always end up being this early 90’s poofy flippy mess.

anyway. here’s the food:

i had the mini bagel and carrots right when i got back home, and fixed myself the yogurt (with pineapple and walnut) a couple hours later…i guess together, they made up my lunch.

for dinner i had a big romaine salad topped with leftover pork and some veggies. i also had a yummy baked potato skin. i followed this recipe, and they turned out great! seriously, no need to go to fridays/unos/etc anymore, cus these are so easy to make…and ofcourse you can do them healthier too! my piece was topped with cheese, tomato and nonfat plain yogurt. i LOVE any recipe/dish that is easy to prepare two ways (like with bacon for tom, and tomatoes for me) because it’s really hard to find a good compromise between our tastes. well, not really our tastes as i will eat almost anything. basically, it’s hard to find a food that tommy enjoys that is not unhealthy and fattening. grr!

not pictured: a halloween cupcake!

and today’s planned workout is the bollywood dvd. i haven’t been going to the gym lately 😦 but i prefer to work out at night, and then life gets in the way, the gym closes and i find myself doing these dvd workouts at midnight. so better than nothing, right?

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