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apple picking!

October 20, 2008

fall is definately here! i’ve been getting away with going out with shorts and a hoodie (with my uggs) but that’s coming to an end. sunday was cool and crisp out but still sunny and bright! a great day to go apple picking!

i’ve lived in boston for quite a few years now and this is my first time going apple picking! i was very excited to say the least. i have great memories going cherry and strawberry picking with my family in california…and the tummy aches from all the fruit we would eat while at the orchard!

i had a plain whole wheat double fiber english muffin for breakfast. boooring, i know! but i was antsy to get the show on the road!

when we got to the farm (shelburne farm in stow) we stopped to feed the animals. hello mister llama!

and then…we followed our noses to the apple cider donuts. hot and fresh and all sorts of deliciousness. i had one and a half and some sips of tom’s hot chocolate. i also got a caramel apple for later this week! we got half a dozen donuts but now i’m wishing we had gotten more because i’m craving one right now! oh well, i’m going to have to search for them at the local farmer’s markets 🙂

next up! apple picking. i had to take a pic in front of the pumpkin patch because they’re my favorite!

and then on to the apples! just follow the signs!

i had two apples (one fuji, one red delicious) while picking…they were so CRISP and delish. we tried to pick a few varieties of apples…it’s late in the season…so we didn’t have the best to choose from, but i think we did pretty good! you’ll be seeing a LOT of apples for the next few days. i think i may cut some up and freeze em so i can make pies for the holidays (hopefully, i’ll figure out which ones are good for pies). i might even mail some to my parents! between our backyard and my parents friends my family sees a pretty good array of homegrown fruits and veggies but i don’t think i’ve seen any apples…

what a fun day! when we got home, i popped a 100 calorie bag of popcorn and shared it with tommy while we watched some movies. material girls (with the duff sisters) is THE worst movie ever ever. wow. i usually enjoy cheezy movies like that…but that was pretty painful!

for dinner we made another pizza…way easier this time since i had leftover sauce premade. i also had enough to freeze…so the next two pizza nights will be easy peazy as well!

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