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wrap-up part two

October 28, 2008

so here’s the rest of what i was eating last week (it’s not pretty!)

shelburne farm caramel apple for breakfast! oh how i love m&m’s…

as another “healthy” breakfast…i had a birthday fruit tart! tommy wanted to bake or buy me a cake but i refused since we had so many cupcakes at home. i got this fruit tart from whole foods instead and made him sing me happy b-day 🙂 just as fattening…but so yummy!

i made fettucine alfredo for the one real meal i cooked. i tried to cut some calories when possible (1% milk, chicken grilled on george…etc) but still a splurge.

some other bites included: french bread pizza, mac & cheese and hershey’s chocolate!

not good, i know…but for the most part, * i kept portions in check…except for when we ordered wings! we ordered thermonuclear & honey bbq bone-in wings, sweet potato fries, waffle fries with gravy and lots of celery + carrot sticks with blue cheese. the good thing is that i ate a good portion of those veggies…but i also did some serious damage to the wings and most of fries!

that was it! after some leftovers the next day…i was SO ready to get back to normal eating!

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