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happy oatmeal day!

October 29, 2008

i had overnight oats this morning for the first time…and i liked them! YAY! a new breakfast food for me!

old fashioned oats soaked in 1% milk and brown sugar, topped with 1/4 kashi oatmeal dark choco cookie, walnuts and dried cranberries. so good!

i only made a little bit because i was afraid i wouldn’t enjoy it…but i may just like oats with milk. i’m looking forward to eating this again tomorrow 🙂

except i have no more walnuts 😦 when i was little, i’d take walks with my grandma around her neighborhood and collect fallen walnuts. she lives in the san fernando valley- and i can only imagine that the soil must be extremely fertile there…we’d fill up a couple grocery bags on our walk. yummy!

with my other grandparents…we’d go to orange county and collect fallen jujubes or asian dates. there would be other asian families doing the same…people must have thought we were crazy getting all excited over those little crab apple looking things….but they’re thought to be medicinal in asian cultures…so we were all over them! i used to hate jujubes though! raw jujubes are icky enough, but what they were cooked into was much worse! they would be boiled in gross tea, or made into wine, or worst of all…herbal medicine! the only way i enjoy jujubes are when they are dried OR when they are included in savory dishes…like this korean chicken soup with a whole chicken stuffed with jujubes, rice and herbs…yummy.

sorry, long tangent…back to my food. last night around midnight, i munched on a celery stalk with blue cheese.

i’m NOT in the mood to cook lately 😦 now that it’s’d think i’d like being in the kitchen with the oven on…but instead…i don’t want to move once i sit down and start to feel warm and cozy. anyway…my plan is to make a big baked ziti for tom today and maybe a large healthy dish for myself. that way, there will be leftovers for atleast two or three other meals this week…

i am compiling a list of recipes i want to try…and included a link to that page in my sidebar…so far they are healthy dishes…but i’m basically just cleaning up my bookmarks and organizing them here.

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