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workin’ it…

October 29, 2008

for lunch i had a blueberry chobani…yum! i can’t decide if i like this one better than peach…i guess i’ll have to get them again πŸ™‚ strawberry is out though.

i topped it with the rest of this sample kashi cookie…i was keeping it in my purse as emergency hunger food…but got too crumbly.

i made tommy a baked ziti as mentioned earlier. i had a couple tastes during each step and probably ate a small serving worth. it’s really hard to cook something without tasting it 😦 oh well, i didn’t get a chance to make my own healthy dish cus i need to run out to the store and pick up some things…but i did come up with a very yummy salad out of very little to work with!

this is romaine with tart apples, black grapes, celery, and onion with balsamic vinegrette. i was so proud of myself for putting this together πŸ˜€ yay me!

i ate the rest of the apple used in the salad while watching ANTM and fashionista! fashionista is SO my new favorite show- i’ve been looking forward to it allll day.

except for those bites of ziti…i think i did good today! what do you think? i feel very BIG today despite the effort. the bad eating has caught up to me…i’m doing a workout dvd tonight so i can go to bed feeling like i gave it a real effort.

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