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catching up…

November 5, 2008

sorry, i’m getting behind on blogging again.


breakfast: yogurt w/ granola cereal mixed in…


lunch: two cookies…umm…yeah


these cookies turned out so well! they are perfectly chewy with crisp edges…and a really nice combo of a pb cookie and chocolate chip. now if i can only remember where i found the recipe so i can make them again sometime.

we went out to boston to watch a show and i didn’t have time to make any dinner…we stopped for a quick bite after the show before hitting another bar. i had honey hot buffalo tenders…which were actually really really good. so good in fact that tommy actually ate a couple pieces…thank god cus i would have finished the whole thing and felt like a whale, especially since i helped myself to some of his fries.


i also had my first pumpkin beer of the season (yummy!) and a vodka tonic…i was cut off after that since we needed to get up early the next day for a wedding. here’s me and tommy at the end of the night. i think we look pissed off because we’re tired…but it was a fun night!


and onto sunday! the wedding…we had to drive out to western mass…and i take forever to get ready…so it was a busy morning. i grabbed a cookie to eat in the car, but i don’t remember if i ate anything at home. needless to say, by the time the reception started, i was starving so on with the eating!

small plate of wheat crackers, brie, fruit, veggies

h’or dourves: stuffed olive, potato pancake, bacon in scallop, veggie egg roll…

dinner: tomatoes and olive off my salad w/o dressing
half a bread stick
raspberry sorbet refresher
1/4 of a huge prime rib, a couple bites of potato
couple bites of wedding cake…
one bite vanilla ice cream

i sound obsessive.  i promise the only reason i remember exactly what i ate is because i was SO sad that i couldn’t eat more…especially the prime rib and dessert! yum-my. i wanted to be able to taste everything so i ate a little of it all…i was very full but could still get up and dance 🙂 i did have to skip out on the chocolate fountain though. who knew i had it in me to resist that?




so cute…red sox + yankee = love? it’s possible!

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