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haunted eats!

November 5, 2008

happy halloween!

quick post before i’m off to bed!

breakfast: nonfat plain yogurt w/ fiber one honey clusters cereal and the last of my dried cranberries 😦

and then it all went downhill…scaryyyyy 😦

there was a handful of m&m’s

an unmotivated dinner 😦

and then cookies!!! i used a regular chocolate chip recipe but subbed chopped up mini reeses cups 🙂 they just ended up tasting like peanut butter cookies…but with a chocolate chip cookie texture…kinda. either way. super yummy! i ended up eating 4 of these throughout the night 😦


lesson learned! if i had eaten better throughout the day…i know i wouldn’t have gobbled down FOUR cookies… but really, it’s hard to resist fresh baked cookies 🙂

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