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what i’ve been eating

November 27, 2008

if you’re curious. the past few weeks…i’ve gone through some food obsessions- as in i would eat the same thing 3 or 4 times until i’d move on…they’ve included fried egg sandwiches w/ hot sauce (random), veggie burgers (dr.praegers), crumbly bars (fig and apricot), and unhealthy munchies (chips! ugh) and then cranberry sauce. the other day i made cranberry sauce to bring to thanksgiving, and i ofcourse ate it all…so i had to make another batch. i am obsessed with it…so it’s best not to even start because now i’m just constantly eating random things so i can have more cranberry sauce with it.

also noteworthy is that i made and ate my first meatloaf ever! i can’t believe i’ve never had it before!

i’m spending thanksgiving at tommy’s house and i’m really excited for a traditional thanksgiving. it seems like things are always a changin’ with my family so it’s hard to get everyone together to share a meal…i’m really sad that i haven’t been home in a while because my sister and i can whip a mean thanksgiving dinner! my favorite dishes to make are apple sausage cornbread stuffing and a pear tart. mmm! i’m going to have to make them for christmas instead because i’ll be spending it with my family in california this year. can’t wait! so i guess that’s what i’m thankful for…i’m excited to be able to see my family this christmas, and i’m also very thankful that i have a wonderful boyfriend and his family to spend this thanksgiving with!

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