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nyc holiday: rainy sunday!

December 5, 2008

i didn’t have much planned for sunday in nyc other than seeing the holiday decorations throughout the city. i found a map online that had a route which passed by the some of the big store windows (saks, bloomies, etc), followed fifth ave to the x-mas tree, and ended in herald square. it was the perfect way to spend the day before we had to catch our bus at port authority. if only the weather would have cooperated!

i knew it was a possibility, but i thought the rain would let out after a while–no such luck. we improvised by taking the subway a lot and ducking in and out of shops…and despite being wet and cold all day– i love new york and i had a great time!

our hotel was right next to herald square so first on the list was macy’s! we checked out the windows and took a ride on the wooden escalators and it was off to FAO shwarz–! it was cuh-razy in there! but also tons of fun– toys these days are so fancy! i can’t even imagine bringing a kid in there cus i wanted EVERYTHING!



next we headed to bloomies and looked around a little bit and then it was off to serendipity 3! i know, so touristy, but i  just LOVE it. the frrrrozen hot chocolate is divine and serendipity is one of my favorite movies ever! i wanted to watch it on the bus ride over, but it wasn’t on itunes 😦  anyway, christmastime has to be the best time to visit serendipity 3, it’s gorgeous in there!


i was in the mood for a sandwich but then i spied this little girl next to me was eating a bowl of fried chicken…a freaking BOWL of fried chicken! i was super creepy and kept staring at her cus it looked so delicious- i had to get it! and let me tell you, it WAS really good- super greasy, but damn good! the order is half a chicken deep fried and oven roasted with french fries- served in a wooden bowl. as a side note- it’s kinda impossible to eat chicken with a knife and fork out of a bowl! i had to eat with my hands–and just like i stared at the little girl…people kept looking at me; i totally felt like half savage, half whale!

and of course i got the frrrozen hot chocolate! i actually had it before my meal cus i was warned that the chicken would take a while. this overflowing goblet of deliciousness is sooo worth the wait!




after serendipity, we made a quick stop inside dylan’s candy bar for some sweets and gifts. i went upstairs to their cafe and picked up a couple crumbs cupcakes to bring home too 🙂 we were surprised at how late it was getting already– time to start heading back towards the bus station. we walked to rockefeller plaza to see the christmas tree and the saks windows first and then started walking back.




i thought it’d be an easy walk…but halfway there we just could not do it anymore! the cold was making my legs so stiff and sore! i was surprised since i’m used to walking around A LOT but thankfully we were near the subway and hopped on and got off right at port authority only to be greeted by the longest line EVER. it seemed like all the college students returning to boston had chosen the same time to return…the line looped around the upstairs terminal three times! THREE! insane! it took us about an hour to get on the bus and almost another hour to actually leave the city. we were so lucky that we parked our car at the station in boston or else we would have missed the last train home!

i snuck out of the line to grab some gummies to much on while we waited. and at the quick stop in ct, i grabbed this pecan thing that looked interesting 🙂 it was actually pretty good…i think it was a cherry nougat covered in crushed pecans. see all this sugar? that’s what happens when i get exhausted!



and when i finally made it home i had to have a little taste of the cupcakes before i went to bed! i mean, they were tempting me the whole bus ride! i had a little piece of each – vanilla cake w/ strawberry frosting, and red velvet. so ridic!



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