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so this is what i’ve been eating…

December 10, 2008

last week it was all about the cranberry sauce…but now i’ve moved on to cottage cheese…

i can’t stop! i could easily finish the tub in a day or two but i’ve been sticking to portion sizes (or less) because i always buy the 4% fat one…i don’t hate the lower fat ones…but i really just LOVE this brand/type…i figure eating a fattier cottage cheese, is stil better than a lot of other things, right?

anyway here are the pictures…which are kinda in order…

last week in addition to my cranberry yogurt thing, i also ate chili and cornbread four times! yikes…tom’s mom gave us two cans of this spicy chili which i finally tried and obviously really enjoyed!



just imagine that as brekkie and lunch for a week until friday when i ran out 😦

friday’s lunch was a random salad w/ whatever i could find in the fridge…i also had a piece of the pizza i made for tommy’s lunch.


for dinner we had turkey kielbasa, baked potatoes and a cabbage/apple saute thing that i put too much vinegar in.





multigrain english muffins w/ peanut butter, apples, and then another layer of pb and apples! plus the rest of the apple on the side- it was a HUGE apple! i used to do this with just one layer of apples- but i like the ratio of apple to bread much better with 2 πŸ™‚


and here comes the cottage cheese…i’ve been salt and peppering my salads lately instead of dressing–and the cottage cheese ofcourse helps too! i’ve already fessed that i love iceberg lettuce 😦 so i’ve started to make my own salad mixes to make it atleast a little bit healthier– my mix is shredded carrots, shredded red cabbage, romaine, and iceberg..i prepped a whole bunch so hopefully it’ll stay crisp!


the salad was a late lunch, so i forgot about dinner 😦 late night, i got hungry again so i had a banana w/ pb and another apple!

on sunday…i officially started my cottage cheese fest…i had english muffin w/ apricot preserves and big dollops of cottage cheese. SO SO SO YUMMY!


and then i stopped taking pictures, and cannot remember what i ate 😦 there might have been some whole wheat spaghetti involved, and i remember a salad…so it wasn’t too bad.

monday! we took a trip out to western mass and visited the bf’s fam again.

i started the day with the same english muffin, apricot preserves, cottage cheese combo.


and tommy bought me a grande nonfat gingerbread (only 2 pumps please) latte. i love holiday lattes!


tom had to renew his license, and then we hit the malll…i didn’t want to ruin my appetite for our early dinner (his mom made lasagna) but we were SO hungry. we split chicken nuggets and small fries at the mall…i ate two nuggets and some fries…not healthy, but we just needed something in our tummies!


and then for dinner, i had a garden salad w/ lowfat italian, and a small piece of lasagna and garlic bread. we also celebrated tommy’s birthday, and had german chocolate cake and icecream (small servings again).

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