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back again!

January 14, 2009

i’m back from california! well, i’ve been back for a week now but i’ve been busy catching up on work and other fun things…

the weather was horrible when i left which made traveling all sorts of wonderfulness. really. this is what it looked like when i left:




snowy snow snowy- the last pic is of the crew de-icing our plane which in addition to waiting in line to take off delayed our plane by about two hours which resulted in me and pretty much everyone else missing connections from atlanta which is officially my least favorite airport ever! i was so grumpy- especially since counting in our 2+ hour drive to the CT airport- i barely ate anything the whole day (an orange, peanuts and bloody mary mix!) but moving on to better things…

the weather in LA was chilly but warmed up for a few days. it was SO nice. here are some pretty sunset pics…what a difference a few thousand miles make!




anyway. i will update soon (very soon i promise) with my food pics from home. i didn’t take too many- mostly because i was too lazy to reach for my camera! and also because i had a lot of repeat meals! i requested that my mom make “ox-tail soup” which makes a beef broth that can be used for dumpling soup, rice cake soup, etc…so i had a lot of that. i have pics on my phone and real camera pics as well, so i’ll separate those into two posts to make it easier for myself. see you soon!

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