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more korean food…

January 16, 2009


this is what i woke up to when my mom finally ran out of the big pot of soup she made when i first arrived…it’s neurongji which is the crispy/ burnt rice you get by making rice in a shallow pot/ pan. you can either eat that dry or in water. my mom is obsessed with it and only makes rice in a pot instead of a rice cooker 😦 the other dishes are spam & egg, egg battered fish, and a bowl of fruit. weird…right?


more dduk (korean rice cake)..the big pieces are steamed (i think) and have rice flour and nuts, red bean, dried fruit inside. the smaller squares are pounded sweet rice and coated with various bean powders (the lightest one is soybean powder). i’m so sad that i don’t know where to get these in MA– I may just have to join a Korean church or something and hope they serve it on special occasions!


gogeumah- korean sweet potatoes. another OMG why can i not find this in MA food! they are so much tastier than the american variety. these have a drier, dense texture, a yellow interior, and a subtle sweetness- a lot like chestnuts. they taste so good when bought in season- and are a popular street food in korea during the winter- the smell of roasted korean sweet potatoes is hard to resist! does anyone know where to get this in the east coast? if you are from california- get yourself to a korean supermarket and try one!


radish soup. koreans eat soup with every meal…and some are better than others 😛


my mom’s california rolls- my dads friend brought over a bunch of avocados so she made these to for everyone to snack on. i tried to get my fill in of avocadoes since they are pricey and not as yummy out here. boo!

one more post and i’ll be done with my pics…but looking at food is making me hungry so i’m going to get a snack!

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