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January 21, 2009

i finally did it–i stepped on the scale. i don’t remember the last time i weighed myself so i don’t know exactly how much weight i gained during the holidays but i’d say i gained aboug 5 lbs since my birthday in late october. not horrible..but not good either. and i feel incredibly blubbery…like i’m storing winter fat beecause it’s cold out or something 😦 such a gross feeling!

anyways- it’s a good thing i lost about five pounds before my birthday because i wouldn’t be so “okay” with the number on the scale. i don’t know how i want to “tackle” this weight gain, or further weight loss. despite it being january and a new year- i don’t have any motivation to jump start my diet or exercise. all i want to do when it is snowy and cold is eat and hibernate! i think the best i can promise myself is that i will try to limit that eating to healthy and nourishing foods. or if i’m going to eat something caloric- it will be really good and worth it.

i have a lot of pics on my camera…i’ll try to split them up into two posts- from the past week (and half) and then random pics that are on my camera that i never posted.

today’s late breakfast/ lunch was raisin bran w/ unsweetened silk and bananas. i’ve eaten this breakfast almost every day this week. usually i don’t like to buy cereal because i end up snacking on it and eating multiple bowls…but i raisin bran isn’t very good without milk…so, so far so good.




i pulled random things out of the fridge and came up with this:



i’ve probably eaten 1/4 to 1/2 a cupcake a day for the last week. i added crushed up candy canes into the devil’s food cake mix- yum!


i snacked on a small apple and half a carrot with a BIG spoonful of PB. i’ve been obsessed with PB lately…which is why i went for a second spoonful…


earlier in the day i had a bowl of cereal and a tiny bowl of progresso’s chicken noodle soup (tom’s lunch)…aren’t my new bowls cute? they were a x-mas gift from tom’s mom- they are “fruit bowls” but i think they’re perfect for keeping portions in check (when i want to…)




chobani w/ craisins- i stocked up when they were $1/ each!


i’ve started cooking “tom only” meals- and found that eating my own meal, or a snack beforehand reduces the chance of me ending up making it a “sue and tom meal.” today it didn’t work because i had a plate (and more) of this:


mexican mac & cheese casserole (mac & cheese layered with taco meat and sour cream, then topped with more cheese and taco seasoning and baked) this was REALLY good- i was really proud of myself for getting rid of leftovers in such a yummy way….i couldn’t help but indulge a little

to make up for it, i had cereal for dinner and frozen berries mixed with chobani for dessert.



the weekend:


one of my faves: ww english muffin topped with apricot jam and cottage cheese


wow i’m grossed out by my hands- i need a manicure!



homemade pizza (topped w/ leftover fajita veggies (carrot, pepper, onion) and hot pepper rings




very sad dinner of grilled chicken (i learned that putting bbq sauce on before placing it on george = blackened chicken and lots of smoke!) and some steamfresh veggies (gross- i’m sticking to fresh green beans!)



and i leave you with the baby snowman we made while waiting for the laundry!

i think i photoed about 90% of what i’ve been eating- not included are a crazy amount of pretzels (and pb), craisins and bites of tommy’s daily ice cream!

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