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oops, i did it again…

January 22, 2009

wow…talk about being forgetful!

i’ve been looking forward to my dinner ALL day! for tommy, i plan on making spam fried rice (one of the only “korean” dishes i can make) and i had a hard time thinking of a healthier meal for myself that wouldn’t get me picking at his food. i had some leftover canned tuna, and decided i’d make my own “fried rice” by combining the tuna, whole wheat couscous, veggies and chickpeas…

i did just that…but i forgot the chickpeas! i’m so sad that i forgot such a yummy ingredient. the whole time i was eating my meal, while it was delicious- i kept thinking something was missing, and it wasn’t as satiating as i had imagined it would be. i used two servings of couscous (only one is pictured) and ended up eating the whole thing…and now i know why! oh well, it was still yummy and now i have a reason to make it again.


here are the rest of my (last week) meal pics that didn’t upload on my “forgotten” post…


i always bring back a whole bunch of these meal replacement powders when i visit my parents. there are several korean versions of them…and i used to drink them with soymilk before work (before i started working from home). they’re called “saeng shik” or raw foods and are made of uncooked freeze dried grains, veggies, and follow the idea that foods in their natural state are most beneficial to your health. the makers of saeng shik claim that this product will help you lose weight, clear up your skin, and fight fatigue….honestly, i can’t attest to any of those- i just like how it tastes…if you’re interested you can find more info on this site (though not the same brand i have)


don’t worry…lizard’s tail is a plant…but i’m kinda freaked out about vegetable worms 😦 *shrug* have i told you how i’m totally obsessed with veggie burgers? so far i’ve only tried dr.praegers and morningstar and i prefer dr.praegers. i only have one patty left in the freezer but i have plenty of cans of black beans and chickpeas (on sale at shaws!) so i’m going to try to make my own burgers (does anyone have a good recipe?)



hot apple cider with apple slices- yummy! the apples get a little warm and soft and cinnamon-y…and my spoon stays out of the peanut butter jar for once.


i tried to switch it up and get one of those friendship brand “digestive health” cottage cheeses instead of my usual california style (the blue tub) kind and i don’t like it as much. it’s weird…i am really picky about cottage cheese but i can never really pinpoint what i like or don’t like about each brand. i assume i like the california style most because it has 4% milk fat 😦

i decided that i’m always buying pumpernickel because it actually reminds me of squaw bread (the color, not taste). i need to find this in boston- is it the same as brown bread?

that’s it for the night. i think i have one wrap up post worth of pictures in my camera and then i’ll be all caught up! 


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