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January 23, 2009

i needed eggs so i decided to stop by a brazilian grocery store next to autozone. it was my first time in there and i had my fingers crossed that i would find some yummy new goodies.

well, they had cheap produce (avocadoes and mangoes for under $1?! that’s an awesome deal out here on the east coast!) and lots of sweet treats like cake and cheezy brazilian breads and desserts. i resisted the baked goods (for today atleast) and came out with all this for $9!


i’m really looking forward to trying the guava paste- i’ve been looking for it for a while! when i got home, i shared some zucchini carrot bread with tommy. he is weird about eating it. i have to cut small pieces for him because when he breaks them off himself, he sees the veggie shreds and tries to pick them out and i get mad. (see the shreds peeking out on the bottom right? –that freaks him out)


for dinner i made the chickpea burgers as planned- but i realized i didn’t defrost my bread earlier…so i just ate the patty with some goya sweet sauce and fixed myself a salad. my salad was made of mixed baby greens, a granny smith apple, craisins, green onion, and homemade pumpernickel croutons.



the veggie/ chickpea burgers turned out pretty well for my first try…but not perfect. i added in some frozen veggie mix and they tasted kinda like the dr.praeger’s ones.

i pureed half of the chickpeas, and mashed half with a potato masher. then i added in egg, veggies, salt, pepper, paprika, crushed red peppers, and some whole wheat breadcrumbs.

i formed the mixture into four patties and placed them on a floured tray (so they wouldn’t stick) and froze them…


i put one in the toaster oven, and it held together fine, but was a little mushy- so i finished it off on a frying pan with a little oil to crisp it up. yum yum, this was so cheap and easy to make and i have three more waiting be eaten in the freezer!

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