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still sick…

January 26, 2009
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i’m still feeling under the weather and i’m super bummed about it because i have an event to attend tonight.

i’m going to a yelp event at aura for food, music, and wine! i’m really excited about going to aura- it’s a nice restaurant near the waterfront in boston. i love any opportunity to wear a pretty dress and what’s not to love about free wine, right? since, i’m not one to pass up a complimentary cocktail or three, i really need to eat something more substantial in the next two hours. 

i was feeling a bit better when i woke up , so i had a big bowl of cereal with soy milk. i also had the mangoes (from last night) later on in the day. i skipped lunch because my stomach is feeling uneasy again and eating just seems unpleasant. as of yet, i’ve kept everything DOWN and i really want to keep it that way!

the good news is that i’ve lost two pounds…but i don’t feel happy with my lack of appetite! and i will be very unhappy if this gets in the way of me and a drink 😀


well, i gotta go do something about my hair now. will report back later- wish me luck!

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