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black bean noodles

January 27, 2009

i had jjajangmyun, or black bean noodles for lunch today. jjajangmyun is a korean chinese dish (koreans have their own version of chinese food) and i can’t think of any korean person who doesn’t love it! jjajangmyun is considered a casual dish, in korea, you can order bowls of it for delivery (like pizza) for a few dollars…in my family, we’d go to korean chinese restaurants on weekends when my mom didn’t want to cook and split bowls of jjajangmyun and other dishes. i don’t know anyone who actually cooks this dish from scratch at home…

i didn’t get a chance to go to my favorite korean-chinese restaurant when i was visiting home so my mom sent me back with a packet of this:


pulmone fresh noodles with black bean sauce. pulmone is a great brand that makes lots of “instant” versions of very popular korean dishes. and by instant, i don’t mean fried noodles and powder base- these have fresh ingredients and are found in the refrigerated section of korean grocery stores. pulmone also makes the best tasting organic tofu- so make sure you pick that up if you ever see the brand!

black bean sauce sounds like something you’d find in a burrito, right? well it doesn’t taste like you’d imagine- the jjajang, or black bean sauce is made from roasted soy beans and sauteed vegetables like onion and zucchini. the sauce is thick and savory with a tiny hint of sweetness and served over thick chewy noodles. jjajangmyun is usually served topped with fresh cucumber and a side of pickled radishes…but since i have none of those, i topped mine with carrot 🙂




yum yum! try it out– even tommy liked it (i told him it was noodles with meat sauce, even though the pulmone version is meat-free, he didn’t have a clue!)

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